Do you make gluten free doughnuts?

Yes, well almost. We offer a baked cake-style doughnut made from almond flour called the Dough-Nut. It may be suitable for those following a gluten-free/grain-free diet, but we can not guarantee that these doughnuts are free of trace amounts of cross-contamination from gluten/grains as they are made in a facility where these products are present.

What does "vegan" (V) mean?

“Vegan” means made without ingredients sourced from animals (dairy, meat, eggs, honey). Many, but not all, of our doughnuts are vegan - look for the (v) indicator on our menu board and case labels.

Do you use soy? Peanuts? Corn? Artificial colors?

While we do not use soy, peanuts, or corn in any of our base doughnut doughs they are occasionally used in our glazes or fillings and therefore we can not guarantee that our products are absolutely free of any of these ingredients.

Do you make anything that is suitable for diabetics? 

We do not offer any of our doughnut treats with artificial sweetener or sugar substitutes.

Can I pre-order?

Yes. Orders can be placed in person or over the phone (during normal business hours). Please allow 24 hour minimum advance notice on all special orders. We accept pre-orders for standard doughnuts, doughnut cakes, mini doughnuts (baked cake style and low gluten only), and coffee-to-go boxes. All pre-orders must be paid at the time the order is placed.

Will you make a donation?

We are excited to be able to support our local schools and organizations but due to the high volume of requests for donations we are currently focusing our support on 1-2 pre-selected groups each year. Please submit all inquiries in writing to info@revolutiondoughnuts.com


We are always open to hearing from friendly, dependable and enthusiastic candidates. Please send a resume to info@revolutiondoughnuts.com

Can I get doughnuts for my wedding day?

We are happy to create special doughnut treats for your wedding (shower, birthday, office party or other special event). Please call ahead to pre-order custom mini-doughnuts, custom 8” doughnut cakes or any of our regularly featured doughnuts for your special day.

Do you ship doughnuts?

Our doughnuts do not contain synthetic stabilizers or preservatives and are best consumed within 24 hours of being made. So, no, we do not offer shipping. If you really must try one of our doughnuts we suggest that you ship yourself to Atlanta.

Do you give bulk discounts?

We offer a discount when you buy a dozen or more.

What is the difference between "cake-style", "yeast-style" and "baked cake"?

Cake-Style: Tender, yet dense and moist with a slightly crunchy exterior. Mixed, rolled and cut by hand.

Yeast-Style: Fluffy, puffy, cloud-like dough with a bit of chew. Mixed, kneaded, and proofed before being rolled and cut by hand.

Baked Cake: Tender, dense and moist with a soft pound cake-like texture. Mixed, poured into pan molds and baked in the oven before being glazed.


Do you deliver?

We do not offer delivery at this time.